Friday, June 15, 2007


It's been a while since I've posted anything: first there was the dancing chipmunk disaster (aka Leaping Cougar), then a tiger head that just does not want to be finished (it told me so! Honest!).

Then, I found this cute little critter, and just couldn't resist. Apparantly they are quite vicious little things, but I've just read His Dark Materials (Phillip Pullman) and wanted to see what a Pine Marten looked like. The scan is definitely not perfect (I guess neither is the picture ).

It's 10x14 on drafting film with Polychromos and Prismacolour. Thanks to Paul Lantz for his fantastic reference photo - I highly recommend looking through his pbase gallery!


Anonymous said...

hi Dee
this is Meg (Tony's daughter)
i think your site is really good and you should be a professional artist some day.
thanks for going to my site!!

~ Stacy ~ said...

Um, what's a Pine Marten? *grin* Guess I'll have to read Phillip Pullman to find out.

You know what's amazing about this drawing? The eyes. Wow. And what an interesting little critter this guy is. He may be viscious, but he's darn cute too. :)